adobe photoshop better?



if youre asking if photoshop runs any faster, then the answer is no. not that i can tell anyway. its as fast and stable as its always been. i have noticed loading times increases tho, which im guessing is due to the ntfs partitions which xp uses


If you're using NTFS, that is, Sacramanther. Alex787 is either advertising his forums, or, is asking if PS7 is better than PS6, (don't know until it is released), or, if PS is better than any other graphics package (Yes).


man, i didn't understand nothin' of the initial post, if i hadn't read the following replys, i wouldn't quite know out to answer to this stuff. Well, if he's asking if photoshop 6 is better than 5, the answer is yes, as photoshop 6 has more filters, the support for addon filters is nicer, but it's more heavy i think, at least i noticed it in my pc :rolleyes: if he's trying to ask if photoshop is better than programs like paint shop pro, autocad and others, i think it depends on the user's intention on using the program. an example, if u are a regular user, and just want to resize some pics, then stick to paint shop pro :D . but if u want to do some serious designs and wallpapers, then photoshop would be the right awnser. autocad i think it's directed to people who builds buildings and shit..more like technical design..

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