adobe photoshop 7 or Adobe CS 8?

11 Mar 2004
what is the diff between these two progs i can get either one i have used 7 alot . But i love new software... so whats the diffrence and waht are the advantages.

Student Prices so money isnt really the problem.
There not really much difference. CS is evolutionary so you won't be missing out a whole lot if you stick to 7.01.
Yeah, I have a friend who is a graphic designer and she only found a couple of reasons to upgrade. Obviously, she does very advanced work with the app and so I don't see the necessity of CS unless you are advanced with design or image manipulation.
well of the top ten feature list from the link, the ones i like the most are the improved file brower (dont remember if that top section was in 7) and Integrated digital camera raw file support.

whats the price diff between the two copies? youll probably do fine with PS7

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