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Adobe Flash Security Settings


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I'm working with a web component that uses Flash, and in order to enable Audio the end-user has to do some fiddling with Flash Security Settings on the web which is a pain. I can't seem to find on the local machine where the settings are saved, and best I can research the ONLY way to do this is through their web component, seen more info on it here:



I've done before and after with regdiff and windiff and come up dry. Has anyone worked with this, and know how I can implement it going forward?
Strange the end user has to fiddle with flash security settings! I only see
the settings manager page when using 'stand alone flash player', when I'm authoring some flash content for a website I'm creating.

What are you trying to do, that the end user needs to enable audio?



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Well the original concept/idea was to have the web content on a website (http://) but due to some limitations that are out of my control, that won't happen. So, essentially it will be on a CD sent to a select group of users who need it, and will open the HTML files locally. It is using ActiveX controls to configure the Flash Components, and the Security Manager thing to adjust options to allow access to insecure content.


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Open HTML files locally? What on the CD? Any activeX controls will surely be browser security related wouldn't it?

Is this link any help?


Well the site is labeld as "My Computer" Technically, to which I can't seem to find security settings to adjust. I have found methods to create new "zones" within the Registry, but I'm not sure that would be practical. I would have expected the site to be Local Intranet, but that wasn't the case.

I have read over that site, which is where I got the links I posted above. I have tried to track down as much as I can on this but have come up dry

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