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Adobe Flash Player Not playing and restarting


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On certan sites that require this player video clips will play then restart to the begining at random points, then when you try to move the progress bar to the point that it skipped back from it says "seeking" and thats it, nothing happens.
Other times it will say loading and not play at all.

On sites with video playlists it will often skip over things in the list, play the audio for ads while the visual for the clips is playing, play the visual for one video and the audio for 3 more at the same time and other such problems.

I am runing Windows Vista (not for long!), on a Dell Insprion 1501 Laptop with AMD

It's incredably frustrating having to restart the browser 5 times to get through a 4 minute video clip


- geek -
Perhaps try removing flash and reinstalling the latest version. Maybe something has gotten corrupted in your installation.

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