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Adobe document searching


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Hey guys - for my work I needed to find a manual and so I like have all this documentation in .pdf files - a shed load of them in various sub-directories all over a CD. So I tried using the native XP file search on the string I seek within the files, but guess what it finds zilch :(

My guess is this would be down to Adobe encrypting or compressing? :mad:

Now why do they not provide an intuitive file search ability in their Acrobat? Or have they and I cannot find it? :confused: BTW I have an updating version of the Acrobat at level 5 and a Read onyl Version at level 6, if that matters....

Hope someone has hit this and can help....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
my solution... anyone know better?

Here is what I found - it will work (really slowly) but it costs $60.... Anyone know anything either better or cheaper?

I could try asking my clients to pay for it - or even take a "world" license, but I cannot see them springing for either the $60, never mind the $2,500! :rolleyes:

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