Adobe cooperation with iPhoto?


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I've got Photoshop 7 and am a bit frustrated with the difficulty of it not seeing the iPhoto Library in the same way that the other iLife apps do. Regular browsing of the folders in the library is not very intuitive, so I'm wondering if a newer version of Photoshop or Elements had better integration with the iPhoto Library.


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I downloaded the Trial Version of Elements 3. There is the file browser, but no direct interaction with the iPhoto Library. I guess it's too much to expect since Adobe is not Apple. It's just frustrating how difficult it is to browse the folders in the library with a 3rd party application. I know that this is a major complaing of most photo managing software... that the libraries are proprietary. Why can't iPhoto label the folders the way I label the albums? It would make things so much simpler. Argh. :mad:


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Set iPhoto to launch a certain app when you double click it or whatnot.

BTW, it is not propierity, it is quite logical really from a program standpoint.


Which IMHO is easy to traverse, and parse for a program, create shortcuts or aliases if needed. Or stop using iPhoto if you don't like the way it puts your files into a logical order.

You can drag and drop from iPhoto into any "open" dialog if the open dialog is also looking for pictures, i use this method to attach photo's to emails.

iTunes also puts all your songs in folders by <name>/<album>, and then when you create a playlist it is just a text file with links, same thing!

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