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Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 Pre-Release


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I assume this is Beta since it's not out yet, Softpedia has a download link for the pre-release of Acrobat 8.


  • New interface, new tools, more options - Use the redesigned Adobe Reader 8 interface to select from a variety of new document viewing options. Zoom in, pan over, or leverage the loupe feature to take a closer look.
  • Launch an online, real-time meeting in seconds - Select “Start Meeting” in Reader 8 to deliver online training or communicate in real time. Set up shared, server-based document reviews. Leverage the new review tracker and simple RSS reader.
  • Secure existing workflows - Combine Reader 8 with Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server and the new Adobe Online Services Document Center. Digitally sign Adobe PDF files.
  • Save time working with PDF files - Open, view, and collaborate on PDF document packages that contain Adobe PDF files and other files types. Try new markup and review tools, customizable toolbars, and combined search and find.
  • Simplied deployment across your organization - Quickly manage and control Reader 8 deployments using the Adobe Customization Wizard 8, IBM Tivoli, Microsoft Systems Management Server, Windows Group Policy Objects, and Active Directory.


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I ordered CS 2.3 Premium and I have to wait until November 8th for it to ship (that is also the day Acrobat Professional 8.0 ships).

Nothing on Adobe's site about Reader being available now.

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