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Administrator password

I recently formatted my machine, I want to run the recovery console it says I have to type in my administrator password, however I did not set one on this machine. Does it do so automatically? If so how do I find out what it is?


If you did not set an administrator password you will only have to press the Enter key.

To avoid being asked for the non existing password next time you access the recovery console, you can change the value for SecurityLevel to 1 in the registry at
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\ Setup\ RecoveryConsole


In defense of the link posted above, it is not a link to anything illegal such as hacking or pirated software.
The link is to a legitimate software package to help someone retrieve their XP password they have forgotten etc.
The software price is $99.00.
Here's the link to the software. www. microsoft.cpm
The non-working link above was to techtv.com link describing the software.

Hope this clears up any doubts about the original link that was posted.

In order to install the software in the first place, you have to be logged on as administrator.

Thanks. :)

edit by dealer;

sometimes, for whatever reasons like leaving an unattended compuor on, these programs can be installed without an owners knowledge...best to go to microsoft for a solution, so I edited this link
wm5050: It is a way around the security built into XP. Using this item (whether legitimate or not) is concidered hacking. This is not allowed here. Don't get me wrong, I actually use utilities such as this on a fairly frequent basis as part of my job. But, none the less, it's not allowed here.


I have been locked out of a machine like this b4 also and its terrible, nice to know there is such a tool.I had to reinstall at the time as I knew no other way,its always helpful to find a new way. Not sure all the fuss i thought forums where for learning but whatever ill check out the link and thank the poster of it.ty


ok... so I am guilty ( should understand the rules I guess befor trying to help) for the ones that do not know what I am talking about, I am the one that posted the BAD LINK ABOVE. (Bad...hehe)

One would think if a link from a reputable site was posted, this would be exceptable, sorry if I did not understand the rules.

Perris Calderon

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I'm gonna lock this one up guys.

just me, welcome to the board.

we try to make sure nothing we have posted here is going to be used to steal.

best intentions or not, this looks prettty much like an effort at a crack, or an effort at a theaft.

we hope if this is a legitimate cause, you find your answer, but we can't give it

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