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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by percyv143, May 13, 2002.

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    hi. i just re-installed my home xp and i don't know my administrator's password... what should it be? i tried "enter" but got no entry. pls. help. thanks... percy
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    The admin password should be the one you entered when installing XP.

    If that doesn't work, and you are also an admin on the computer you can change the admin's password by following these steps:

    Administrative Tools
    Computer Management
    Local Users and Groups
    Right Click on Administrator
    Set Password

    Hope that works.
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    Try this to reset it: Start-->Run-->type compmgmt.msc-->System Tools-->Local Users and Groups-->Users-->right-click on Administrator-->Set password.
    For a more comprehensive solution, make a password recovery disk. Under Related Tasks in the User Accounts Control Panel applet, click "Prevent a forgotten password."
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    administrator psw

    thanx for the reply.
    when i re-installed my home xp it did not asked any psw for admin and i just read from the forum that i can only log-in as an admin in safe mode... is it true? cheers ....
  5. Khayman

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    for XP-Home yes it is true
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    admin psw

    thanks for the info khayman... more power...