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Administrator Name on XP


Dirk Diggler

No idea where to post this so I'll post it here:

When installing XP you arrive at a prompt that asks you to "Personalise your software". At this point you cannot name yourself "Administrator", why not ?
I know why you can't at the second such prompt "Who will use this computer ?", its for security reasons, also XP creates an "Administrator" account by default and it won't allow two Administrator accounts.
But why will it not allow Administrator at the first prompt ?

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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I'ts because the good people at microsoft do not want the administrator to be using the computor.

the administrator is an account that microsft has already set up, and they have set it up so that a user cannot corrupt the account...it can be used the way they want it used, and that's it

this is the very purpose of the administrator... it is only to be used in emergencies, as far as ms is concerned

if you were able to name the user of the computor to this protected account, that would defeat the purpose of the administrator account...ms won't have it

the above is only an opinion, and I have no documentation to prove what I post

in a nut shell double d, it's as if microft put in there own protection...they could have put in 2+2 =5 if they wanted to

so they wanted to make this administrator account uncorruptable

Dirk Diggler

No dealer thats what the second prompt protects you from. If you type "System" at the second prompt you get the Administrator account, no other account is created.
Its this first prompt that I believe has nothing to do with the created accounts.
As it turns out I did call myself Administrator at the first and second prompt albeit with a little bit of sleight of hands work, but not on an internet comp for safety reasons.

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