Administrator and Limited Accounts???



My question is fairly simple. What are all the differences between the two account types. Is it just that administrators can change passwords and accounts and things like that or is there more? Also, what I mainly want to know is if there is a way to keep Limited User Account users from getting into the Hard Drive and folders and things like that? Thanks.

So how do you keep people out of your hard drive and crap?
Just so that you know... it's just this one computer. It's not a network. I have 4 accounts on here. Mine is the administrator. I want to make it where my account is the only one that change access the hard drive. I tried going into sharing and the "Make This Folder Private" was disabled.
This part of that article still applies:
Go into Folder Options and uncheck "Use Simple File Sharing".
That will allow you to do your thang no problemo :D . Let me know how you get on. (oh, didn't mean to sound curt in my posts. just reread them and they look that way - not intentional)
I'm getting f*cking aggrivated. :) It's hard as hell explaining things on here. If you get time IM me on AIM and help! l337CSKrew is my screen name.
once software is correctly deigned for XP the account functions will work a lot better

at the moment its a bit of a mess with older programs and permissions :(

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