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Admin tool event viewer


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With the recent/current death of my mobo I was wondering if there was a way to get more use out of the event viewer. (see screenshot) The event viewer is one of the first things I check when my computer starts having a problem, but it is kind of a pain to go and check on a regular basis and 99% of the info in it I don't really need to know. But errors and warnings are good thing to keep on top of.

Is there a way that you can set the event viewer to display a pop-up when something citical happens afer a certain number of identical events. Like in the screenshot, you can see that my mobo IDE controler was failing left, right, and sideways, well after that event happens say 3 or more times in a 24hr period I would really like to know.

Any way I can set that up simply?


I'd suggest doing a Google search for "event log monitoring xp" (without the quotes).
I came across several search results, but most of them seem to be enterprise management tools that cost a fortune. You might have some luck finding something cheap/free though.


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GL with this and post back what you find!

I have BSOD symdrome on my NEO2 / AMD64 so it could be a handy thing for me to know.... reps to you if you find something!

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There's an app called "Eventsentry lite" it's freeware. I haven't used it but had some friends tell me about it back in the summer (they liked it) so this may be what you want.

From Here


we use winternals admin pack v5.0 at work, has a very nice crash reporter, that makes sense out of crashdumps.log
very handy tool.. but very expensive too..

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