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Admin Password?



Hi Everyone..

Is there any way to reset Admin password.. I know YES.. Well the prob is now I don't remember whats the password??..

I think window store Admin password in SAM file.. am i right?
If Yes, is it same in WinXP pro..!

In simple words how to hack Sam file... to reset Admin password..

Any Help??????



make sure you write down these passwords :(

if you absolutely need it, i guess you would have to back up your files and reinstall windows xp...



Hi Gyus..

Well it's not a game.. all i want to know is because my password is saved.. windows never asked me for log-on password..

Just the prob is if I've to activate my screen saver with password option on.. you know for security reason.. that's y I want to reset it???

So if you can help.. I'll be thankful to you all

There's no way to hack out your password man. I'm sorry about that. If your not logged in as "Administrator," then your screensaver password won't be for that account anyway. I believe you need to set the password when you enable that function.

Losing, or not remembering your Administrator password is a bad thing. Before you get everything all set up the way you want you will want to consider reinstalling XP. There will come a time when you'll need it and all the work you've put in to setting up your system will be shot down. The sooner you rectify that the better. FYI: you don't have to create a password at setup. If at a later time, after installation, you think you'd want one on the administrator account, you can always assign one. But remember it.


what i do with passwords is that i have a paper in my room with all my computer and internet passwords. It's worth the 10 seconds to jot down the passwords now, than lose everything later on...



Thanks for everyone help.. and ya it's good idea to write down every password.. and I'll do this in future..

But I don't want to re-install everything.. Look guys.. till now everything is possible.. people can Hack Windows 2000 SAM file.. so what so hard about WinXP Pro..

There must be a way... I spend hours and hours to install everything.. and I'm using Notbook.. everything run's so well not a prob at all and Xp is g8t..

Hope someone can help me?????


i might have to say that ur screwed...

what i did cuz im really good in forgetting passwords, i went into my user accounts and created a Lost Password Disk and if i forget, i can run the stuff off the disk and it will reset the admin password


Are you looking to reset the Administrator account password, but you normally log in under a different account (with administrative access)? If that's the case make sure you're logged in to that different account, then open a run box and enter the command control userpasswords2. You'll probably have to hit the checkbox for "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer." Now click on the Administrator and hit the "Reset Password" button. You'll be able to assign a new password. Unfortunately, you can't do this for the account you're currently logged in to. You can use this to get back into the Adminstrator account and then perform the same procedure to reset the password for your other account. A quick warning, this will turn off auto login, so you'll need to uncheck the "require users to enter..." box and enter the autologin settings again. I just did this ten minutes ago because I forget the Administrator password, but I still knew the password for my personal account (that is a member of the Administrators group). I hope this helps you out, because then you'll be happier and I'll have helped someone :).


Oh, another option is to make a new user with admin privileges and then do the procedure I described from that account, for which I assume you would still remember the password :).



Hi Gaskill,

Thanks fot this tip..
You all guys are g8t...
Ya you helped me??

Once again thanks for this...
Hope someone will help about my MSN Messenger Prob??


Having password problems still??

Getting Win XP, 2K, and NT passwords a piece of cake if you have the time and direct access to the box

Send me a copy of your SAM database file and I will crack every password for all your user accounts for you.

Theres a few ways out there to get access to an admin account without reinstalling your OS (would be retarded).

You can download a program called Lopht Crack v. 3,
this program will extract the password hashes from the SAM database file and will crack them. It will take anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 days depending on how long and what naming convention is used on passwords and your processor speed. I cracked mine for the hell of it in 2 hours on a p2-600 (a nine character password only letters).

Another way to get into an XP,2K, or NT box and only need access to the floppy drive is to use the "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor" (just search for that exact name in google). This program fits on a floppy disk and uses a small Linux kernel to hack into the registry of a Microsoft OS and you are allowed to edit the registry and change the passwords of any account. All that and only need to put the floppy in and boot it up.

You know whats funny is that its easier for me to retrieve or alter password in an XP, 2K, and NT box than it is on a 98.

Hope this help someone out.




Hi PsychoSpongeBob,

Hey plz tell me mate.. from where I can download free full working version of Lopht Crack v. 3??

Thanks for you help..


Here is the address to download a 15-day trial of Lopht Crack 3 (LC3).

This is an administrators tool great for auditing passwords to see if users are using a secure enough password eventhough nothing is ever fully secure

Especially passwords :)

Inder-- email me when you download it and i will tell you something else. :D


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