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I'm running WinXP Home edition. Just how am I able to access the account 'Administrator' without going into safe mode? I have only ever been able to get into the Administrator account and seen it on the user list when entering safe mode.

'fraid it can't be done in XP home. Even using tweakUi to "show admin at login" (or whatever it is). never found a tweak that worked

least someone knows of a actual way :confused:
press ctrl alt del x2 this will goto win2k logon for one time.
Even using "Administrator" as login in the Win2K style doesn't work. If I remember correctly I get a wrong password for the domain. (I think thats it). Even though I haven't set a password for Administrator and I'm not logging onto any domain network either.
i'm telling ya it can't be done. tried the win2k login, i get something like cannot log on due to account restrictions.
also when you log on to admin in safe mode it tells you can only log in on this account in safe mode. so unless theres a crack/hack/patch/thingmebob i havn't tried.....
I dont get what you guys are saying. Everytime I start my computer up (XP Home) it always logs on as the administrator. I don't have to enter a pw or anything. I looked right before I posted this and it has my name with administrator right below it. has my name with administrator right below it.
That means you have administrative rights. There's a system account called 'administrator' and the only way to log on to that particular account in XP Home is in safe mode. Some things are required to be done only in that account. I can't think of anything specifically because in my own case I have XP Pro set to log in automatically to this account (administrator) so I'm never prompted to go there and do what needs done.
well peroanly i've never *needed* to go in there, i've never found anything that can't be done with admin rights. but on the occasion i have to go into safe mode then i might as well click the little admin button, just for something different to do:)

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