Adjusting BIOS Settings on Mobo


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Mobo: K7N2 Delta-ILSR
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 3200+
Memory: Corsair TwinX 512 MB 3200 (goes up to 400mhz)

See attached screenshot from WCPUID, something aint right!! It should be up as over 2GHz. Im not at all familiar with setting the FSB or multipliers in the system BIOS so im hoping that someone out there is! Any ideas of what settings i should be using?



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No, not trying to overclock it. Trying to getting running at its stock speed.

It should be running at over 2ghz not 1.8. Its a 3200+ Barton.

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Is the FSB correctly set to 333Mhz (2x166) ?
Is the CPU multiplier correct for that particular XP Barton ?

Indeed, your CPU should be clocked over 2Ghz (my former 2600+ was at 2083Mhz, my new one 2600+ Barton (returned from RMA) is 19xxMhz)


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teddy.. dl and run CPU-Z... it should tell you exactly what the core is... just to make sure you didn't get sent the wrong cpu and are now having probs...


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ooooh I dunno m8.. its looking like they shipped the wrong thing to you...

in control panel > system... when you open it up what cpu is listed ?

check that and (this sucks but its the only definite definite way) check what it says on your cpu's core... you may have been sent the wrong cpu by mistake...


btw a 3200+ should operate @ 2.2ghz... ergo fsb == 200 and multiplier == 11x...


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#12's being displayed as a 2500+ (1.8ghz) but i'm confident the CPU is the 3200+ just that i dont have the right settings (FSB etc).

Im about to flash the bios as suggested above...any tips on creating a bootable floppy that'll give me access to my C: ? Tried XPs built in utility but it said C: isnt a valid drive!


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you are using an msi board correct?

if so... go to the msi website and use their update manager to dl and update your bios through windows automatically... it can also be used to check and update any other files/drivers you have that need to be updated.. it is your perogative whether or not you need to do so... most times you don't...

btw... I think it migfht be a good idea to pop off the heatsink and take a look @ what model number is written on the core... no need to continue unless it is established what cpu you have...


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Yep..MSI board.

Tried their update manager thingy, found latest BIOS etc. Still in same predicament.

Im 100% sure the CPU is 3200+. Should i be playing with voltages or memory timings?


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no you need to absolutely verify you have the correct cpu teddy...

as far as I can see from the apps you have used the cpu's id is for a 2500+... which means it IS a 2500+

you need to check the serial on the cpu itself and post it so we can see what it is...

if you have a 2500+ and keep trying to play with v-core and the like and upping clocks you may damage both cpu and mobo...


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Dude u do indeed have a 3200+ because of the multiplier level which is being detected automatically at 11. 1830 / 166 = 11.

However unlike Intel CPU's the FSB of the cpu is never automatically detected. SO YOU HAVE TO SET IT TO 200MHZ!!

therefore 200x11 = 2,2ghz which is 3200+ speed!!! ;)

Get into the bios and change your fsb level to 200mhz and u will be on your way



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Dude your VOLTAGE is way to high!! 1.8v?????? It should be 1.65v! set your CPU voltage to default or manually at 1.65V!!

Otherwise it is a Barton, 512KB L2 Cache.


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You also need to check your Ram timings, Nforce2 are sometimes a bitch with some memory modules. Relax your RAM timings to 2.5 CS latency, 4-4-8 or higher and see what happens at 11X 200Mhz.

My barton 2800+ is running at 11X200mhz overclocked at default voltage with 2.5 CL, 4-4-6. Had to experiment to get at those memory settings.


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We're getting there!! The CPU seems sorted (thank you far!!!!)

Now, see the pics, how do i get my memory to operate at 400mhz? I lowered the timings (read somewhere else while googling) and it booted to Windows XP fine...but the memory is now too slow. MUYA - will go away and lower the Voltage now...oops.

Edit - MAYA - will go and try those memory timings you suggested...

Pic 1 - CPU
Pic 2 - Memory
Pic 3 - Mobo

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