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addon for mirc/CS junkies



Ok here is a lil addon i made when i got bored and wanted to connect to a CS game with alot less work lol
I Have tested it once so far and worked perfectly as far as i could see...
any suggestions please tell me on irc or in this thread thanks
and hope someone likes it lol

Still thinking of more options to add once i get some more info


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quick little thing I wanted to point out...

sometimes when you have many background apps open... it can/does cause packet loss thereby causing lag on the server or spikes..

might not sound bad... but I think I have mentioned before that packet loss is much worse than a high pinger... on a lot of good servers a high pinger (ie a 56k user) might not cause server wide lag... however someone with packet loss might do so...

therefore please ensure that you have minimal background apps running when playing on servers... not just for a better experience for yourself but also as a courtesy to others :)


yep ive notice same thing now in one im usin here i added a 2 min timer to exit mirc so that it closes itself to help preven from bein there im thinking of making it in the whole thing with an on/off
so if any1 ever decides to use it they can chose weather mirc will close down or not

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