Additional spaces

Most likely a bug in VB3. EP might have some more info for you on this matter.
As you knew where the spaces were could you please check them.
It was to do with how long a single string could be and was set to 50 by default, I have increased this to 100. It was not a bug. However I believe in vb2 this limit was disregarded in php or code tags, so Itaht might be a bug, if it is still there for the next release I will report the bug.

Anyway, I think it is fixed. Please confirm :)
Yeah, I really don't think it should add a space there, not sure tho.

Looks better now, thanks.

Nearly perfect. ;)



Can we have 200?
One of the best things about vB3, one huge post doesn't mess the rest up \o/

Just set it to 1000 and be done :p
yoyo: my only worry is that this causes stretching at a resolution of 1024x768 which is what I want to make the site compatible with.

I will check the vb3 bug tracker and see if there is a temp fix for code tags as I am sure that isn't right.

Or you could attach the code as a .txt file?
I have added it to the bug tracker, lets see what they say.

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