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I have an Enermax CS-003-A106 case that has the additional USB ports and headphone and mic inputs on the side of the case, and I am wondering how I am supposed to connect the headphone and microphone inputs on the inside of the computer. There are like 5 wires that I have no clue where to plug into in order for these jacks to work. I have an SB audigy mp3, and wonder if you have to plug them somewhere onto the sound card. If you get what I am saying let me know please. Thanks.


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yes they have to be plugged into the sound card, go to Creatives website and look for the manual on how to connect the additional headphones and mic.


i am not sure but i just inspected my AUDIGY card and i found out a few AUX like inputs (Square 3 pin inputs), i got no idea if this is where they go, else i am not really sure about it, sorry :(

Looking at your manual, page 1-2, it doesn't look like you have any extra connectors to do what you want. You can see what those "few AUX like inputs (Square 3 pin inputs)" are by that diagram. If you want to use those Enermax connectors with that card, you'll need to do some soldering.

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