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is there a program that is cheap, easy to use and not cubase that can add synths, drums and other fx to wav files? i tried cubase and don't like that way it works. are there others out there?

None of these are probably cheap, but if I understand correctly, they should be able to do what you're looking for:
FL Studio:
Adobe Audition:

And here's a freeware version of ACID, called ACID Xpress:

Hope at least one of those turns out to be useful.
FL Studio is wav arrangement, although the new studio editions allow for VST input too.
Reason is instruments, and not wavs, or arrangement.
Adobe Audition is just a wave editor, it's the new Cool Edit, an uber-advanced version of SndRec32 if you will.

FL Studio will probably be the best option, you can't just "add" things to a wav file though.
painbird, if I'm correct, you wanna be able to add effects to wav's, and then mulitrack together with midi synths and loops?

Sounds like you want a multitrack recording software that supports midi.

Still recommend Sonar and Audition/CEP
i am trying out flstudio and sonar. flstudio is cool but i can't seem to get a song. just patterns.

as for sonar, i am just starting to check it out. looks complicated and powerful.
You think it's complicated? The new 3 series is so much easier than older versions.

btw, the reason it seems complicated and has a steep learining curve is because it's set up to "resemble" how an analog studio would be set up.
i have no training with any software of this type. i used to just use and old fostex 4 track. i went out and bought a digital 4 track and am now trying to get a grip on it. this is all new ground to me.

the software end is much harder than i thought. maybe i ought to just go buy a keyboard... :)
Stick with it, it's really not that much harder than an analog 4track

You might find audition a tad easier

I have some sonar guides, they are too big to post here, but if you give me an hour or so, I think I can get them up on my site
that would rock. my band and i want to record some demo's for a promo pack and this stuff will really help. it's also helpful for my 'solo' demos.
What do you play, what's the band's name etc. I'm in a band down on the SE MA shore.

btw, uploading those guides now, will be while, onlygetting ~10kbs upstream.
it's a cover band that wants to play originals. we formed last year and our first show is coming up in may at a place in salem, nh. we have a girl singer so we play a lot of girl band covers. fushia marmalade is our name. we work an original into each of our 3 sets and plan to add a lot more. i just record solo to satisfy the craving for originality.

thanks for uploading the guides.

tell me about your band?

south shore? i just got into a band from there called Wheat. good stuff.
Sorry it's taken a bit to get back, had some issues here.

First, here are those guides I was talking about. Warning 150MB download.

As for my band, It's called Holesaw (maybe soon to be Soulsaw). Harder rock with a sometimes funky mellow side. Mostly originals. In the process of recording a demo now, we have our own smaller studio. We haven't been playing out that much, but hope to more in the near future. The weirdest thing is that I'm 27, the guitarists are 34 and 35 and teh bass player is a whopping 15!!!
For recording your band live, sonar is definitly the way to go, I used 2.0 XL for a couple years...loved it, just got "3 producer", haven't quite got used to it yet, but it seems to function the same wit a few cool new options. Fruityloops will really do you absolutely no good for live recording. It's really just a very limited synth/sequencer. but u can make some neato sounds with the drum synth. Acid is a great prog. also might wanna try sound forge.
Good luck.
oh btw, try using the "console" veiw in sonar at first, it pretty much looks like a standard analog multi-tracking unit.It might help you get used to it.oh, and yeah, and like dreamliner said, stick with it, after you get past the...uh, overwhelming-ness(*?) of recording software, you'll dig it.
dreamliner77 - thanks for the guides and the help. do you have any mp3s of your band?

ApparitionX - thanks for the help and advice. i am going to stick with it.
I'll post some samples when we finish mix downs, leaving for the studio in about half an hour to record some more stuff.
lemme know when u get someting done, I'd love to hear it if u post stuff on the web.

u2 dreamliner...any links I can check yer band out at?
i hope to hear some stuff soon. always like to hear new stuff.
no links yet, I'm way too much of a perfectionist and haven't finished mixing/mastering yet.

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