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Adding Second Hard Drive???



I've got a 30 gig 7200 HD running XP pro and want to throw a 2nd HD in my system, what i want to know is do i have to format it like i do with a solo drive or will XP pretty much take care of everything??
If you just want to use it as further storage space you will have to create a logical partition with fdisk (create an MSDOS boot from XP) then format it after a reboot. The format can be done under XP, once the partition has been created XP will recognise the unformatted drive, right click the drive icon and select 'Format'
If you want to install another OS on this HDD then you can create a primary partition on the new drive, and follow the instructions above.

If you have access to Powerquest Partition Magic then this will simplify life enormously!!

Have explained this in laymans terms simply because I have no idea of your technical knowledge, no offence meant....lol



My tech knowledge is pretty good...storage is all i want to use the new one for, i have partition magic but have never used it so i was wondering if you could tell me how i want to do it with that
if you are going to use it for a second drive then plug it in and take care of everything you need to do, format, partitions, etc, from disk manager.
everything but first boot disk should be done through this nothing else is needed and is a waste of time. as long as bios recognizes it on startup then this is the only way to go.

read the xp help and support files they are pretty complete......
1: Run the 'Create Custom Boot Disks' item from the Partition Magic startup button. This will give you 2 floppys.
2: Plug in the HDD
3: Boot-Up using the floppys you made, this will automatically take you in to Partition Magic.
4: In the P-Magic dialogue, select your second drive (which should be blank space), right click on the blank space and select 'Create'. Make sure you select Either Fat32 or NTFS, whichever is your flavor. And then hit the 'OK' button.

p.s. Partition Magic would probably allow you to do this all from XP, but I like to play safe!!



new one went in great except i accidentally formatted it NTFS, my boot drive is FAT 32 any way to convert this or can i just keep it without having any problems
search for the "convert" command and its use.

convert c /FS:NTFS /V should be all thats needed

one time thing let it do all it needs......... cannot convert back why would you want to they can be left too as would not harm but ntfs is better anyway


You can also convert from Disk Managenment
Right click "my computer" and selecet manage....all your drive info is here .

Bob S

Or convert with Partition Magic, since you have... it is very easy (version 7.0 or newer).

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