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Adding Multiple Processor support in Windows XP


= Indy =

I have a PC using a dual cpu capable motherboard, running Windows XP Pro.
I am adding a second cpu to the system and am trying to find out how to upgrade to a Multiprocessor HAL.

In Windows 2000, this was just a simple upgrade through Device Manager, without the need to re-install IE: Changing from ACPI PC to ACPI Multiprocessor PC, but this option doesn't seem to be available in XP.
I thought maybe XP would automatically upgrade, but this doesn't seem to be the case as Task Manager is still reporting only one cpu.
Is there a way of upgrading to a Multi Processor HAL in XP without re-installing/repairing?

Seems odd that 2k had the option, but XP doesn't.
Any help is appreciated.


NTFS Stoner
as far as i know xp auto configs, the duel xeon p3 system i saw, reported 2 cpu's in device manager, fresh from the install. is this bios based ?

= Indy =

Device manager does report two processors, but Task Manager only reports one cpu activity. Also the computer is still reporting being just an ACPI PC instead of an ACPI Multiprocessor PC, so I think its not configured properly.

A clean install of XP would upgrade the PC and report two cpu's activity in task manager etc, but I'd rather not have to do this.

You dont have to enable multi cpu's in the bios., its automatic.

= Indy =

I'm using Athlon MP 1600+ cpu's.
The only hardware change is the extra cpu.
The HAL's listed on the MS website, dont seem to be available in Device Manager like they are in 2k, just the standard pc hal and the current ACPI hal.

Anyway, thx for your time and help, maybe I'll have to go the re-install/repair route to fix it for certain.

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