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adding harddrive to xbox360


hardware monkey
i'm thinking of getting the arcade version for $200 with no harddrive and adding one in. i have an extra 2.5" sata harddrive, so all i need is the enclosure that it's installed in. does any place sell these?

also, do only certain models of harddrives work? i tried researching it but either found info from early 2007 or conflicting info.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
They don't sell just the enclosures and you need a specific HDD. There is also some sort of firmware or something you need to "flash" it with.

Look up upgrading 360 hard drive on google.


Extinction Agenda
Political User
PC World the latest issue an entire mod and what you should do if you want to add your OWN HDD [Hear that Microsoft]. Its worth it with the ridiculous pricing of Microsoft's drives.


hardware monkey
i'll have to keep an eye out, thanks.

or i might just lay down ~$40 for a used 360 20gb on ebay. i won't need very much space--that's what the 320gb ps3 is for.

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