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Adding folder to start menu

I want to add a shortcut to the start menu that opens a folder on a networked server. I want this icon to be in the left pane of the xp-style start menu (under default browser and default mail client). It seems however that I can't do that for some reason, it only accepts shortcuts to programs on the local disk.

Is there any way around this? Also I'd like to make the procedure as easy as possible as I'm installing this shortcut on a bunch of computers in a network. So .reg file, batch file or alike would be nice unless I can just copy the shortcut (which it seems I can't :().

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What about making a shortcut to a network place under “My network places”

1>Open my network places
2>Click add a network place
3>Follow the instructions

you can use the add network place wizard to create a shortcut to a network place or a personal folder that will show up under “ My network places” or you can move it to another location by selecting it and dragging it to your desktop or another folder.

When in the wizard choose another network location specify “if it’s not chosen already” then click next.

At the next screen you can browse to where you want on the network.

It will show up under Start\My network places or move the shortcut to the desktop.
My Network Places isn't a good idea in this particular case, but the explorer trick sounds like a good idea. I solved it in another manner however. I noticed I could drag the folder on the server to the taskbar to create a menu with the subfolders as submenus. Which acctually what we wanted in the first place, although in the start menu instead of the taskbar. But it was "close enough" according to my boss. :)

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