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14 Jan 2004
Ive got an old IBM Thinkpad 600 with a 2MB (dedicated) Neomagic MagicGraph 128XD gfx adapter. The problem is that it can only show the native res at 16bit colour (1024x768). Is there a program/utility that can allocate RAM to video, sort of like the Intel Extreme Graphics adapters work? That way i could use 24bit colour (it needs like 2.5mb ram). I checked the BIOS but theres no setting like that. Im currently using windows me.
Unlikely. The memory interface has to be there and if they used dedicated video ram they would not likely add the extra interface.

Have you checked if the video RAM is socketed or soldered in? If it is socketed you may be able to find a larger upgrade chip. The memory will probably be expensive. They left expansion room available back when they first went ot the 1024 but the RAM was too expensive so upgrading it never caught on.
well there doesnt seem to be any expansion using a laptop btw

i think i know what you mean by the sockets though, i have an old matrox g200 that looks to be upgradable. it looks as if you can fit normal laptop ram in there though :confused:

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