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Add services in Windows XP

I got an Apache2 installation that went wrong due to an error on my side. I fixed the problems, but one thing remains, I want to add the apache.exe binary as a Windows XP service. I know there is some 'net ...' command for it, but I forgot what it was. I searched the net for the command, but I only could find 'sc create <appname> binPath=<binpath>', which doesn't work for some reason. Can anyone help me? I don't want to do another installation of Apache2, I just want to know what the command for adding services in XP is.
Why couldn't I find anything on the MS KB? Anyway, thanks for the tool, works like a charm. Too bad Apache still refuses to work, but that's another problem :)
Just found out I could have used path\to\apache\apache.exe -k install -n "Apache2" :doh: This way it autmagically installs the corrects paths etc to the service manager.

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