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Add/Remove problems



I tried to click add/remove in control panel and I get an error!! what the hell? Im trying to remove some prgs and now I cant.

Her is the error I get..

value creation failed at line 472

anyone have any help on this?



I seen this once awhile back...Are you using Style XP?
If so go to display properties and change it back to default XP and try the add/remove again.

I think theirs a patch for the fix but I just went with Windowblinds anyway...much nice variety of skins.
Yes, the problem is caused by a bug in StyleXP. There is a version compatible with SP1 that should fix it.

The link I gave you was to a fix, before the new version of StyleXP was released.


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Actually, the new version of StyleXP (1.01L) still has the same bug.

A quick fix is to simply kill the StyleXP service. Either stop the service or kill it under taskmanager/processes, then proceed to make any needed changes under add/remove programs.

The process (svchost.exe) consumes about 16-17MB of RAM, just highlight, click end process, and you should be good to make those changes.

Hopefully TGTSoft will catch on soon.


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That is a def. solve. However, I paid for StyleXP so for the time being, I'm sticking with it. Of course, an extra 17MB of RAM (not that I notice) could be nice.


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SP1 Problem

All older visual styles have a problem with SP1. When you try to open up Add/Remove Programs, you'll get this error message "Value creation failed at line 472", the problem is in the shellstyle.

Therefore, any older style made before SP1 was released will cause this error.

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