Add Printer Multiple Times

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I tried searching for this but could not find it. Recently there was a thread that mentioned how to add the one printer multiple times. Anyone remember or know how to do it. Each time the printer is loaded it is set up differently for various jobs.


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I cant find it either :eek:

this is how you do it ;
from your ctrl panel
add a printer
go through the usual next next next
when it comes to *a driver is already installed for this printer
choose / replace existing driver
this will be named copy 1
simply rename it to whatever suits you



Originally posted by Hipster Doofus
Each time the printer is loaded it is set up differently for various jobs.
You mean have one copy set to print documents, another for pictures, and such? That's cool, and would save time. I would like to read more about this. :)


I have a Canon S630. I can go Control Panel, Printers, right click my S630 & select Properties, then select the Advanceed Tab, select the Printing Defaults button and finally select the Profiles tab.

Here I can now add profiles which I can set up anything I want. Currently I only have two profiles set up - Photos and Docs. When you go thru the custom set-up to print (like selecting the type of paper, auto color or manual color etc) it gives me the option to "save current profile" - which will put that "new profile" in the list.

I have seen the Copy1 deal that 2Z is talking about - I did it by "mistake" when I was troubleshooting my printer when the power supply in it went bad. I actually had like 3 copies in my control panel because I was trying different drivers.

With the multiple copies, If I remember correctly, you have to go into the control panel/printers and set the copy(for the job you desire) as the default.