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Add or Remove Programs - Error


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I don't know how, but when I try to click Add or Remove Programs on the Control Panel I get this wired error.

I am using Xp Sp1

what do you think ?


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but it worked for some days after i installed sp1 and today boom! it doesn't work, i also didn't install any program the last days.


Here's a fix

Found this over at ieXbeta
You have installed Style XP that's the reason, so change your current visual style or theme for other one else and it will be fixed, tg soft people are working on it, it happens with some themes or styles, you should to have last version of Style XP installed to be SP1 compatible.

Change your theme, or drop it back to windows classic to use the add/remove panel

And from Winbeta
I've noticed quite a few people asking questions about getting errors when using Add/Remove Programs, when Windows XP Service Pack 1 is installed, so I've decided to do a quick "How- To" on fixing the problem.

Fixing the dreaded "Parser Message: Value creation failed " at line 472" error:

This is a problem with the file shellstyle.dll, which is included in most visual styles.
Use the following steps to fix the problem:

1.) Go to your /WINDOWS/Resources/Themes directory, or wherever you may have your
themes located.
2.) Go into the directory of the theme your currently using.
Example: Using 'Semplice' by KoL? Navigate to /WINDOWS/Resources/Themes/Semplice
3.) Go into the folder called 'Shell" within the previous directory.
4.) Inside you'll find a folder with a file called 'shellstyle.dll' inside. Now remember the name of the theme your using? (Example: Semplice). You need to rename this folder from Shell to the name of the theme your currently using. If you don't know the exact name, go to Display Properties, and try to Display/Show the theme, the name you see in Display Properties is the name you need to change the 'Shell' folder to.
Example: Using Semplice as an example, the Shell folder for that theme is called 'Shell', in this situation you'll need to rename the folder to 'Semplice'. Easy enough, right?
Note that for multi-part themes, aka themes with more than one variation or color, you'll need to rename each corresponding 'Shell' folder to what is displayed in Display Properties when you try to apply the theme.
5.) Now that you've changed the 'Shell' folder name to correspond with the visual styles name, reapply the theme.
6.) Go to Add/Remove Programs, and voila! ;)


Maybe that was my problem guys.......(SP1and uxthemepatch)

I posted about my troubles with SP1 and how I had to do the restore deal and even had some trouble doing that but I also have the uxthemepatch installed instead of Style XP. Hmmmm....:eek: :confused: :confused: I'm wondering if that is it since you guys are saying that Style XP isn't compatible. After I downloaded SP1, I then went to change my desktop wallpaper and my screen went to black, rendering it unusable.(even support had trouble getting it all back to normal). Guess I'll wait for more info to determine what I should do as I heard our systems are very vulnerable without this patch. Thanks for the heads up though!!! :D cscally


I'm sorry Hal...
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both the uxthemepatch and style xp have been updated to work with SP1, you need the latest version of either


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You were right, I just freaked out cause the System Restore wasn't working either, thank you very much for your help !
where can I download the new patches ?


If you rename the shell folder, you shall lose that nice skinning it provides for the /common tasks/. I noticed that in some Msstyles, probably the later ones, that parser error doesn't occure. Such as in Sosume, yet in all the Msstyles created by KoL (ChoseOS, ChosenK, FatalE, etc...), which I like very much indeed, that error persists. There are a couple of workabouts for that. Either use the style which doesn't create such an error (i.e. Sosumi), or download a third-party uninstaller, I use and prefer JV16 Power Tools. It comes with a lot of bells and whistles and is a freeware.
Hope this helps, Tamalix.


hey luish!!!

if you do the fix that is posted in this thread the error will dissapear and No u dont loose the themes u like as tamalix said

the rename of the shell folder is what cure this error i did it this morning and the problem is gone u can check it in neowin or in #winbeta


I did /not/ state you would lose the entire theme. Shell.dll skins the common tasks at the left hand side of the folder. I tried the fix, the error went away, so did the common tasks skinning.

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