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Add Memory in WinXP


I am using PIII 500MHZ with 196MB memory under Windows XP.
I want to buy 128MB or 256MB memoery to speed up the performanance of XP. Is it better if I add more memoey under XP?



hardware monkey
it's a good idea, but it depends on what you do with your computer. if you.. 1) play games, 2) have lots of programs open, or 3) use single, large programs (photoshop, etc).. then i would say it's a good idea. but if you just mostly surf the net or whatever, i wouldn't worry about it.


hardware monkey
also, if you have things like anti-virus running in the background. those eat up a good amount of memory and you will probly run short with 192mb.

you can also open task manager and, under the performance tab, you can see how much "physical memory" you have available at any given time. if it ever goes below, say, 30mb then i'd upgrade. i guarantee that if you do any of those things i mentioned before, that 192mb won't be enough for smooth performance.

make sure you have a free memory slot, though. or else you might be replacing the 64mb stick instead of just adding.


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Hey q12368c, click on the CRUCIAL link at the top of the Forum's pages. Support this Site and get a good deal on Memory. :D

BTW... Get a 512 MB Memory Stick they're cheap enough and it would be much better for XP. :D

The menu popup in start icon delay a few second, is it the CPU problem or memory not enough?I forgot the speed of my memory..how can I know under any program?


hardware monkey
your start menu takes a second to load up? that would probably be from lack of memory, i'd imagine.

just get pc133 sdram... anything slower will be the same price.


Memory max

The max memory usable by XP is really 512Mb for high multimedia usage
Any additions after this have minimal advantage

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