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Adaware SE


Walkabout Specialist
This has been delayed to a provisional date of 15th August.

Taken this from the latest Newsletter.

Fortunately, Ad-Aware SE is just shy of being authorized for release and is prepared to meet the world of spyware head-on. Our internal testing is practically finished, but to make sure things are working properly, even though it has curved our release plans a bit to a later date than we expected, we’ve hired a Quality Assurance company to review Ad-Aware SE and provide additional testing, which is currently taking place, to make sure Ad-Aware SE is ready to take on the important task of protecting your systems. As of right now, we’re looking at August 15, 2004 as our release date, but this of course is subject to change.

It looks like it is going to be a great release, in the battle aganist dross :)
NEW features in Ad-Aware SE Professional edition

New command line parameters that allow for silent and automated operation of Ad-Aware
UNC support for remote storage of Preferences, definitions, and log files
New results screens and detailed statistics
Improved logging and reporting
Hardened against third party uninstall with encrypted preference files
Links to more information on detected content from our website
New safety option that allows you to write protect sensitive system files such as the Hosts file

Scanning engine improvements
Extended Memory scanning
Now scans all modules loaded by a process
Uses our all new CSI (Code Sequence Identification) technology to identify new and unknown
variants of known targets
Extended protection against DLL-injection, SE can unload process modules on the fly

Extended Registry scanning
Now scans registry branches of multiple user accounts
Performs additional smart checks to detect dynamically created references
Scanning speed noticeably faster
Extended Scanning for known and unknown/possible Browser-Hijackers

Extended Disk scanning
Now scans and lists alternate Data-streams on NTFS volumes
Now Ad-Aware supports scanning of Cabinet files, (including spanned archives)
Scanning speed increased
Improved Hosts-file scan
Now Ad-Aware and Ad-Watch Use much smaller reference files

Several User Interface improvements
Improved Graphical UI
Ad-Aware now supports custom graphical Skins
More user friendly Plug-in/Extension GUI (Plug-ins and Extensions now shown on separate
New Scan Result view, Includes a scan summary and Detailed view
Ad-Aware now linked to the online TAC database

Multiple New Tweak options
Unloading of process modules during a scan
Obtaining command line of scanned processes
Ignoring spanned cab files
Scan registry for all users instead of current user only
Permanent archive caching
Always try to unload modules before deletion
Disable manual quarantine if auto quarantine is selected
Block pop-ups aggressively
Load Ad-Watch minimized
Hide Ad-Watch tray icon
Write protect system files after repair
Limit drive selection to fixed drives
Use gridlines in item lists
Logfile detail section condensed

Improved Process-Watch scanning capabilities and scanning speed (Using the new CSI technology)
Several Process-Watch Interface improvements
Option to create a Hexdump of the process memory or dump the process memory to disk

Several logfile improvements
Includes support for separate removal logfiles
Allows adding a Reference summary/index to logfiles
Logfile contains overall more detailed information

Several GUI improvements
Ad-Watch now supports Cookie Blocking
Site-manager to edit the popup-blacklist included
Ad-Watch now uses the new CSI technology to detect new and unknown variants of known
New Ad-Watch configuration screen
New rules editor for pre-defined blocking exclusions
Support for hiding the Ad-Watch tray icon for unattended operation

Lavasoft Support

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
me too ep

hey poly, good to see you as always

I never ever get any spyware running any of these anti spy programs...the excellant sandbox that comes with adaware pro seems to do a fine job preventing anything from getting on my box.

do you use adwatch?


█▄█ ▀█▄ █
Political User
just did a clean install with SE and I have to say that it found some spycrap
that SPybot missed nice new interface and a outstanding revamp of the software thumbs up Well done Lavasoft :) :)


F@H - Is it in you?
Staff member
Political User
post a changelog of differences between pro and free versions if you could lads :D

will see if its worth upgrading...

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Looks like a nice list of updates. Probably worth updating once it comes out. BTW, I use both Spybot and Ad Aware...it seems there can be things that one finds which the other misses...


Walkabout Specialist
Electronic Punk said:
Waiting for the details of my pro version...
I guess we wait at the back as usual, they reckon Pro users should receive our instructions by Thursday at the latest.


As always nice to see you around, I use it but not all thetime, sometimes it can be a pain, mind you that could be me :D

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