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Adaware jokes experiences

Hi anyone has a funny story about scanning with ad-aware post it here :D

well i was just over at a guy's room (im at the college dorms) and i ran an adaware scan and i get 1020 critical ojects lol, and the funnier thing is that he's an arab all arabs do is open porn sites... sorry if anyone think this thread is pointless i just couldn't keep it in it was too funny


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Dun know how many it was, but my friends computer took the entire night just to get ad-aware to make a backup, and then remove the objects.

The computer used to take over 5 minutes just to boot up, after ad-aware was run two times, it took only a total of 50 seconds.


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ive seen around 800+ but i love going on peoples pc's and using ad-aware to remove spyware, makes me feel fresh, just like taking a shower!


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i seen 500 and only a few were cookies. The rest were crap spyware programs like alexia or w/e. Just stupid **** that my friend had cause they just got cable and they download pretty much any thing they see on bearshare.
and probably the better way out too :D

Since I've been working at coreix supporting windows based dedicated servers I realised just how insanely stupid 90% of people are. Mostly those that think they are **** hot with hardware and windows too!!


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Over at a chickies house, fixin her machine. Ran Spybot and it took sooo long (lost count at about 500+), we decided that we would down to her basement and I got to know her a lot more. Sitting there watching Spybot grudgingly go through it paces was no fun.



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thread resurrection time...

just reformatted my step-daughters machine with new Maxtor drive and extra 256 stick of SDRAM (making 512).....

so this old Duron flies better than it ever did (for now). Thing is I know she is a real spyware/virus nightmare (McAffee is on). I am thinking I shall let it be and not run adaware or spybot and let her "learn" how this kind of thing affects her computer - in a month or two I will post back maybe to let you know if she breaks it or what the outcome may be!


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well i only had slightly over a hundred spywares and stuff like that when i used ad-aware for the first time on this com which has been used for just slightly over a year. there're always some spyware which will always seem to reappear again even after cleaning. =\

does anyone have any solution for that?
my personal ad-aware record is 1404 on one machine, but a co-worker found 3018 last week. We have the screen prints hanging up in the office. :)

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