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adaware 6 is out

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
thanx to polyglory for the news.

adaware 6 is out...the free version should be available in a couple of days

let's hope this company is back on track

good luck, lavasoft


Just a quick question - is this a "brand new version" - as in untested, like beta??

Any comments?

<yes dealer - same question;) ;) >

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
you are sadly correct, dy...there has been no beta...absolutely no one has tried this product to speak of it.

so yes, as we spoke of before, it looks like it's a beta...possibly alpha


Thanx dealer - just trying to remember the previous discussion!;)

I thnk I'll download it when it's available and wait until many trusted folks have tired it!;)


NTFS Junkie
This is the final release, I am just waiting for my e-mail from them to download my copy of adaware plus. They are using a staggered e-mail system so I should get it within next 2 days. For the free version they say it will be availible in 7 days

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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dpr...we know it's the final release.

but there is not a soul that I know of that has beta'd this application...or even alpha'd the thing.

that's dy's point.

anyway, they are obviously inundated with requests, as they have turned their forum off.


coyote, formor administrator of the lavasoft forum has not recieved his notification for the download.

I have been a pro user for years also, and I have not gotten my notification either.

hoping this is just coincidence


Tom Coyote has helped me with Adaware related probs a number of times, and I get the impression that those nice folk at Lavasoft have got him really pi**ed.
I would be quite surprised if he feels that he is able to devote quite as much time to them as before.
This is just conjecture, of course, and I haven't been to his site to ask him! ( After all he's helped thousand of folk like me who can't get their head around what is a relatively simple program to use!!:))
Oh, BTW, Hi to everyone:blink: ;)

EErrrrrmmm I've just tried to put a sig at the bottom of my post,
I modified it in the modify profile window etc. but it hasn't added my sig!! NTFS Moron is about right, then.:rolleyes:

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
ep...I just went through your post.


it looks like lavasoft might be back on track with this release...great...I'm looking forward to my license, which I'm sure will be in my mail forthcoming

thanx for the heads up on the program

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
I amazed it actually found any spy-ware as I did a scan earlier with 5.x before going to work. Ho hum, guess the old reference file was under a little too much pressure to cope with these new strains of spy-ware.


O.K. EP Nice preview!:) Think I'm gonna wait till a few folk have tried it tho'! I always found that it was an effective proggie and like you I kinda get a buzz out of dispatching Doubleclick, Gator et al into the depths of oblivion!:happy:
Thanks for your advice about updating profiles. ( And needless to say you were right.:cool: )
I understand a new build is out already (160), fixing some of the issues with Ad Watch and XP that users have noticed.

Lavasoft are really going for it with updates at the moment, trying to win back ground after leaving us all with a five month old ref file i think.

Ive been impressed with AAW 6 so far, ive seen it in action on a test box that was overrun with paracites and it was able to detect and remove everything in good time.

I look forward to seeing more of the plugins for it!


Walkabout Specialist
I finally set all the options on it to-day and it found 73 beasties lurking in the background.Using adaware6 plus.

Would it be worthwhile upgrading to the Pro Version, me being an average user, they are offering a 50% discount to reg users for the next fortnight.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User

I have always said that this company provides a great service, and for this reason alone, I think you should buy the pro

that said, the adwatch is nice...it's real time monitoring, which is good.

but, if you have a good cookie program )cookie wall is probably the best free co okie program), and if you have the other spyware programs that I posted a couple of days ago, then you will be protectied fine.

if you are short on the cash, jsutt use the free programs.

if you are not, then toss lavasoft some money so they can keep their great service alive

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