Adanced Networking - ***Need Help Bridging***


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Refer to the diagram provided in the link below in order for you to have a good understanding of my network layout

( h**p:// if the pic does not load)


I want to know how can i bridge box 1 so that my linksys router can use its DHCP to assign ip addresses to BOX 2 and BOX 3.

Keep the following REQUIRMENTS in mind:

1) Both house 1 and house 2 must (i repeat, they MUST) be on the 192.168.1.xx network. (In other words 192.168.0.xx will break the requirement)

2) I DO NOT (i repeat, i DO NOT) want to buy additional hardware such as a hardware bridge.

Other layout Related Info:

1) ALL computers at both House 1 and House 2 are running Windows XP Professional SP1.....including Box 1. NOTE: OS is not a problem, i can change to a different WINDOWS OS if it will solve my problem.

2) The Linksys router has DHCP and NAT enabled.

3) Box 1 is NOT running any special software such as routing software, NAT software, or firewall software. It is running of plain windows ip configuration.


All i need help on is the IP configuration for Box 1 and Box 2. I need someone to tell me the IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS of both boxes.....that means i need to know the settings for both the Wireless NIC and the Wired NIC attached to BOX 1 and i need to know the NIC settings for the NIC attatched to BOX 2 .

I basically want to know Before i bridge (on BOX 1), what IP's should i have each NIC set at on Box 1?
Please tell me the IP, Subnet Mask, gateway, dns, that i should use for both nic's on Box 1 before i click bridge.

After i click bridge it creates the bridge and the only thing i have to configure is the bridge itself that i created. In the bridge i am allowed to assign it an IP, Subnetmask, gateway, & DNS. What do i set all that to?

Basically i need the ip setting to before i bridge and after i bridge for my current network layout.
Can't you just run a cable from House 1 to the hub?

The SNM looks wrong. Should be normally.

Box 1:
NIC should be set to any IP you like I believe. The DNS and Gateway should (logically anyway) be empty. The bridge I don't know about though, didn't know they needed an IP. One idea is or so and Gateway to DNS can be or ISP:s DNS. Box 2 and 3 will not need to be set at anything special.

I think! :)


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i had to use in order to remain on the network for house 2, otherwise i would have had to change the network to something different like in order to browse from house 2 and i would have also had to route from box 1. Thats not what i want to do of course because i want to stay on the network.

The broblem with XP when i bridge is that i loose all interent connection on everything at house 2.
I meant it should be on the entire network, not just House 2. So when you bridge, computers 2 and 3 won't get an IP?


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when i bridge everything stops working at house 2. I cant even access the net from box 1 after i bridge but before i bridge i can.

I notice that after i bridge the bridge itself can be assigned an ip, am i supposed to give it an ip? I personally think its supposed to be left alone after you click bridge from what i understand


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i am running a cable to the hub.

What im tring to do is make BOX 1 wich is located at HOUSE 2, do the job of a wireless bridge so that it connected to the linksys router which is located at house 1.

How can i accomplish that?
*doh* Wireless. Silly me. :) Oh well. This is as far as I go, I'm afraid. Don't know too much about bridging, thought it would be easier! Maybe someone else?

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