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I've seen this app mentioned a couple of times around here, and I visited the website and read up on it. I'm interested in using it because, aside from blocking ads and popups, it claims to stop background music and scramble your IP. I currently use Pop-Up Stopper, which does a great job, but it doesn't do these other things that Ad-Muncher claims to do.

So could I get some opinions on this app? I'm especially curious about the IP scrambling... does this create problems with websites that require referrers, and does it slow browsing at all?

I read the FAQ on the app's website, and I visited PopUp-Killer-Review.com, which ranked it #1. I couldn't get all the info I wanted from these places though, so I'm turning to you guys for opinions and info. Thanks! :D
scrambles your IP
It does not "scramble" your IP. It connects you to often insecure and slow proxy servers.

Search this section we talked about that point months ago. And we talked about why you should not use anonymous proxy's, or at least be aware of the exact issues surrounding doing so.

If you want to get more Privacy while browswing you want to look at Privoxy or Proxomitron. These tools will boost your privacy and also remove ads and popups etc. Infact they will remove just about nay element of a webpage you want rid off.

For conventional ad blocking I would not touch Ad-Muncher and go with AdShield.


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I knew that this app didn't really "scramble" the IP, that's just the word that they use for it. The IP thing isn't really that much of a concern to me though, I am interested in the "annoyances" that it blocks. Maybe you could answer this question for me Enyo... there are a couple of websites that I visit which play a sound in the background. There is no media bar of any kind on the sites that give me the option of stopping it. Is there a way to make my browser refuse the sound?
muzikool what you want is Privoxy or Proxomitron (4.5 or 4.4) belive me.

You can kill any annoyance you want with either of them and that includes embedded MIDIs :)

Going to PM you in a moment...


Also if you DO want an anonymous IP, see if under the advanced internet settings you ISP provides you with an IP cache.


Act your wage.
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The anonymity isn't a big deal to me, it was just a feature of the app that I was interested in knowing more about. Thanks for the tip though.
I used to use the proxomitron, but I recently changed to Popup Cop. If you want a filter and all the privacy stuff then the proxomitron is great, but if you're just looking for a pop up stopper i think its a little too much. It is very configurable, but I could never seem to quite configure it the I liked even after 2 years of use. Popup Cop was perfect until I switched to MyIE2. Somebody should make a plugin so it works with other browsers.

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