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Ad-aware or the Ultimate Spyware?

Wow, never thought about it before,

oh look there goes one of those black helicopters with no markings ;)..............................



I've often had that thought also. Removing everyone elses stuff and suppling it's own?
Yeah, those ref updates might just be alternating code to keep us from locking on...:eek:

Did you ever notice how it scans the files? Almost as though it were recording...?

I don't know, I really don't know...

Gotta duck now, here comes one of them black, unmarked helicopters:D
Originally posted by SnookBooger

Gotta duck now, here comes one of them black, unmarked helicopters:D
Glad I'm not the only one seeing them :D

I was worried for a minute there, thought I was getting paranoid as well ;)



Well, I can tell you this... If ad-aware was spyware and was recording what's on my hard drive, that would take ONE HELL OF AN internet connection to send them the data of what's all on my PC :D


Getting up each morning is like walking in to a mine field - eveyones out to get you money;)

Uhno more black helocopters.


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Also, for those that have a firewall setup, it would report if and when Ad-aware attempted to make a connection.

I, as well, am not worried in the least.


On The Ports!

Here is a what if:

What if they used port 80? (Browser)
What if they used port 25? (Mail)

These ports are hardly ever blocked especially Port 80 or how could u be here?

A buddy of mine wrote a asp script that read all ya cookies on your comp and gave him the results thru port 80. Only catch was u had to goto his site for this to happen. What if that was reversable? Remember the IIS arcitecture is imbedded into every copy of XP you just have the option of NOT activating it.

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*Gasp* But the warning from Mircosoft when you have prompt on for cookies says that it can only be read by that site. I think its a vast Microsoft scheame...

Oh-no :eek: It's the MIB coming in black helecopters. :eek:


Just checked my packet sniffer (sniffed inbound and outbound packets from the router)... No ad-aware files in sight. No ports open to be exact. Had to shutdown IE just to make sure nothing was boucing off its ports.


Cool deal REG..
But you and I both know the progam could imbed and transmit under false packets on port 80. Or wait till a certain day/time to report. Easy enough to make a random reporter. Best time IMO would be at bootup only a router can moniter ports at that point. If i was doing this i would go thru a 3 step bounce for hard trace and disguise packets. Then i would set it to report only at Low Peak useage time tipically 12am to 5am. It could even have port activity monitering (This would take one hell of a programmer) to only communicate when port 80 is in use aka Browsing.

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