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Actual size of San Andreas?


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Does anyone know how large the map is for SA? In relative terms I mean, i.e. if we assume that CJ is 180cm tall, and an average car is the same size as an average car in the real world etc, how many miles is it from 1 side of the map to the other? It seems massive, but takes less than 10 minutes to cross the whole map, so either the cars are traveling at relatively super-fast speeds, or the map isn't very big. Or somewhere inbetween those 2 extremes.
If one assumes the top speed of the fastest car to be 150mph, and for sake of argument it takes 5 mins from one side to the other, that would make the map 12.5 miles wide. What are Rockstar's figures for this?
i'm guessing they want you to play the game and enjoy it as is
but that thought did come to my mind while playing midnight club in less than a minute i could cross the whole city


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well put it in this perspective.

The size of the cities in SA are about the same size as most towns in england or the USA.

If you overlayed say new york or london, using the same scales, then you would probably only fit in at most 1 third of either city onto the map of SA.

What would make SA more interesting would be road works and crazy traffic at certain times of the day.


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Well, it's also all part of the gaming perspective. Would you really want it to take 30 minutes to get across from one side to the other if that's how long it would take in the real world? I think you'd get pretty bored and probably wouldn't go across town too much :)


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You're right, unless I'm playing a proper simulator (or morrowind :p), I don't want it to take 30 mins to cross the city. I'm just curious because the cities don't seem that small, but they can be crossed in a relatively short space of time. I think the cars must travel at ridiculous speeds like 200mph or something. Relatively of course.

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