Actual AT&T conversation on my friends website

One of my favorite pastimes is to string telemarketers along like that. I've had some of them threaten me, start crying or hang up in frustration. I really miss the challenge since the "Do Not Call" list went into effect.
I must be on that automatically, I never get any calls :(
I don't have a home phone, so I don't get any telemarketing calls anymore... We used to get them quite often when we did have a home phone though. Normally we just ignored the calls, thanks to caller ID
doing the same to door to door salespeeps is fun. i once had a guy beleive that i and my wife and kids would buy a card to get money off at the local indian restaurant. not until the end did i reveal that being 19, im not married and i have no kids, and also i didnt care!
OMG I got this in a mail forward back in college around 98-99 and I've been looking for this for quite awhile. THANKS!! :)
Electronic Punk said:
I must be on that automatically, I never get any calls :(

I thought it was 'cause ya don't have a phone. :D
I feel sorry for a friend that works in telemarketing... But that was ace... I'm still laughing... :D
ugh i love playhing with telemarketers! its the funnestthing ever, i swear. One time they were trying to give me a phone plane but then I was like ummm I get unlimited calling for 2 dollars a month. and then she was like O REALLY!? I was like UM yeah! Bye

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Also Hi EP and people. I found this place again while looking through a oooollllllldddd backup. I have filled over 10TB and was looking at my collection of antiques. Any bids on the 500Mhz Win 95 fix?
Any of the SP crew still out there?
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Impressed you have kept this alive this long EP! So many sites have come and gone. :(

Just did some crude math and I apparently joined almost 18yrs ago, how is that possible???
hello peeps... is been some time since i last came here.
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Rest in peace my friend, been trying to find you and finally did in the worst way imaginable.

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