Active web Desktop - help thread

Wow this sounds kool but all I really know is HTML - I know zero Java scripting language and would like to have an active desktop...

Now I hear you can apply flash to the active desktop! thats would look lots better! does anyone here know how to use flash...that could possibly make something like with the topics that refresh every 10minutes.. and other cool stuff?
Yes its good isnt it , i have my desktop which is like a entire webpage , its ace.

I dont know much about Flash though :(

But you can do anything with it , run any Scripts etc


I have a FTP search , MP3 search and all sorts of stuff on mine
DrX where did you get the MP3 search script ?

That would be handy :p
Can you ppl start posting like the script code here and tell us what the do.... I only know html so I can do that much but I need the javascript please....

Why did this thread die!
english version of the msn script

hi, i mod'd the msn script for an english version, download it if you want to!
GREAT Stuff !

Thanks for sharing it - im just installing it now
I know just about nothing on php annd I don't know where to find the rtf file. Could someone please post the script or html page in zip that makes me able to show the headlines on my desktop? And the most recent forum threads?

It's in the screenshot, but I still don't understand how to make it work for me.

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