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Active web Desktop - help thread



Nice one guys :)

I Just set it up and am about to have a play around with some things ....

Its pretty easy to get running ....... going to download some cool java scripts and see what i can come up with :)

Adding the front page news is so excellent ..... im going to add my MP3 Current playlist and a few other things
just remember where u heard it first :)

am i allowed to mess with the MSN script ? it's in a different language and i wanted to change some of the graphics etc... it's really kweel... just had a peek @ the script and changed a few things... just wanted to know if i'm allowed to post it up ;)




so i put the msn code but i dont do all the script , just change some things for change easilly font , color etc ...
i could try to answer some question :p



Very Nice job of the mSN S@VTRoNiC got anything else for us ?


This is how i installed MSN.zip

unzip the whole zip and chose msn.htm with active desktop to have messenger working on the desktop

Now to embed this into your desktops, simply get the above zip someone else posted (i might update mine when i figure out how to show the user if they have any unread email or something) but for the time being just get the other zip.

1. unzip the zip file into whatever directory your html desktop files are stored. eg: c:\active\desktop\

directory structure will look something like this: c:\active\desktop\Messenger\

2. Load up your favourite html editor or even notepad, and add the following code where you want to embed messenger:

<iframe name="Messenger" width="200" height="250" src="Messenger/Index.htm">
Your active desktop does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.</iframe>

3. Save and refresh your html document/desktop.

I Hope that helps



to install msn.zip
unzip where you want
choose active desktop and add the msn.htm which call msn_vbs.htm in an iframe
simple , and you can put it where you want on the desktop


problems getting started

Hi... I'm hoping someone can help me.

I'm trying to install this cool looking desktop but it's not working for me.

I've installed Apache 1.3.23 and put the files included in the zip file on this site into the htdocs directory.

I can get the page to come up in Internet Explorer when I enter but the problem is that the clock is the only thing running. The page in the middle doesn't work and all the links down the left side don't have images that pop up. Then, if I try to click on any of those links, Norton Antivirus pops up with a malicious script alert.

Sorry if I sound like a real newbie to all this stuff, but I think it looks really cool and want to play around a bit with it.

Thanks to anyone that can give me any suggestions!


same here

I get this really scare message of norton all with the red colors saying a mallicious script is trying to run on your pc when I wanted to clear my recycly bin allowed it once (hey i you can't stand the heat ....) and the box move to folder came up ???

Going to try it tommorow it's a bit late right now so

Greetz Franky


Hoyd : you have to go through the index.htm file and adjust the links to point to your path ... i.e images etc

As they all point to the directory i used .....

<a TITLE="Tooltip description.." HREF="javascript: void 0" ONCLICK="exec('programloader.vbs'); return false;">
<img border="0" src="http://localhost/active/images/icons/programicon.bmp" width="48" height="48"></a></td>

Where it is in bold you need to change all them bits of code to your installation directory

Franky : Adre is right, its due to the vbs files, just choose "Authorize this script" in Norton , i assure you there are no Virus in them files....



I guess theres always one in every crowd .......anyway

I love Digital photography ....

Has anyone else tried to embed the "powertoys slide show" into the desktop ....


i made a slide show of about 50 Pictures I have taken and put it in an Iframe and have a heap of pictures circulating in the bottom right corner ......... its pretty neat

just working on a few other things and will post the finished job later on


PLease help me out here....

OK if anyone can help me on this it would be cool...

I followed all of the instructions in the manual but can't get this going -

If anyone is feeling kind then ICQ me on 9515827

CHeers guys



Murmur2k - Plenty people here to help , thats the whole idea, what part are you having trouble with ?

Just tell us whats up and we will help fix :)


OK - I installed the server software - do I need to set it up at all? Or just install it?

Where do I put the extracted files from the active folder?

I have done all the IExplorer config.



The directory called "windows" all the files from there go into c:\windows

All the rest can stay in that Active folder ....

You have to Edit the index.htm to point the images etc to where the "images" directory is located on your PC

All these like :

<img border="0" src="http://localhost/active/images/icons/programicon.bmp"

have to be change to reflect where you have them o your machine .... any file paths need to be edited


It says:

cannot find server

I have installed the recommended pre-configured server thing which was mentioned in the manual...

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