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Active Directory - 3rd Ed.


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Great book from the looks of it, some thoughts about it from over at thelazyadmin.com

The book has 31 chapters spilt into three sections. The first section covers the basics of Active Directory including the differences between Windows 2000 and 2003 AD as well as the Active Directory improvements in Windows Server 2003 SP1 and R2. Part two is an excellent section covering designing Active Directory as well as a great chapter on ADAM. The third section offers an introduction into scripting techniques for managing ADAM and AD and is full of well written step by step tutorials that will teach you to write useful scripts that you can put into use today!

Decent prices over at Amazon, can probably be found cheaper elsewhere :)

i'm in my 4th semester of Server at my college and it is all about Active Directory. It's easy to understand but very difficult to learn all of it.


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Probably because it's huge :p

I wouldn't focus on learning "all of it". If you have an understanding and know where to go for help, mostly Internet, you'll be in better shape than most. If you don't understand it, you could spend hours going down the wrong road.

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