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*-Active Desktop Calendar-*


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i don't believe that the only answer i get to my problem is some half-assed lazy request to resize the picture.

I mean has anyone else had this problem?


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Can anyone put some input into this? I mean does anyone else have ADC with XP and installed it? Do i need .dll file?

This problem is driving me nuts


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you are installing active desktop? is that a program, or does that occur when you try to run a script? it looks like scripting error, because it is referencing lines.

You know how your error is anoying to you? well think about our dial-up users who need to wait for the whole picture to load. perhaps in the future you could crop pictures, post links to them, or attach them.


...will circle this city
i'm just saying that not everyone is on brodband, that's all. and if someone knew the answer and wanted to help, but was on dial up, and had to wait for the picture to load, perhaps they would get discouraged and just forget about it.


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Yeah...i remember when i was on dial up...it was horrible. I didn't think 128kb was that bad tho...

anyways when i said active desktop...i meant active desktop calendar...i got the link from the "desktop custimization software" thread.

It is a german-made program, that's probally why it doesn't work.

Actually its probally XP compatibility that wont let it run.

I just thought a calendar with the german months would be wicked. dumkompf deutsche programmers.


...will circle this city
well, it's not really the size that is bad, but having to scan the lines down and download it that is the killer part.


After letting the picture download the other night when I was on dialup I researched and found a cure for your problem. Too bad you had to be a prick.


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Now both of you (ZipTrix & Dr.Metallica) stop this. You have received your first warning. Dont take this to another thread or there will be some serious consequences. ;)

Thread Closed - o_87

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