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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by G|ass, May 6, 2002.

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    I have created an excellent active wallpaper for my desktop, but it doe snot display on my desktop. When I open the HTML file manually, Internet Explorer displays my wallpaper just fine, but when I apply it to my desktop, the desktop does not show it. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    here goes:

    go to Start>Run
    in the RUN box, type in gpedit.msc

    once you are in ... navigate to:

    Local Computer Policy
    user configuration
    administrative templates
    active desktop

    on the right hand window-pane... there you will see all the options you could imagine... adjust them according to your taste...chances are, they will all be "not configured" it will be up to you to configure accordingly... keep in mind...that if an option says to "disable blah blah blah..." you have to right click that line..and then left-click on properties...and put the dot next to "enable" so that now.. you have enabled the disabling of blah blah

    kind of confusing, amusing actually..but it will work..

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    :D ~n
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    Working now, but slow

    Thanks much for the help. My active desktop displays, but it goes very slowly and jerky. I wish I could get it be smooth and fluid in movement. Is there any way I could speed it up perhaps by editing the HTML code or anything? You can take a look at my HTML code and active dektop files at and I have attatched a screenshot of my active desktop in action.
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    That looks well cool, I want one lol
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    k...god i wish i knew what could be causing your lag/jagginess...
    the first things that come to my mind..are:

    refresh rate or your monitor?? what is it?
    what's your video adapter color depth set to?? 32 or even 24 bit might be overkill ..bring it down to 16bit or 65k ..that might help..

    stop all services that you can - i noticed that you had some prog's in your systray.... how about antivirus software???

    does your active desktop require a resync at all at startup?? does it get anything off of the net?

    possible also updating drivers, direct x or vid card.. also, do you have indexing services activated aka "FINDfast", that might be bogging your system down..

    food for thought..let me know what you come up with..and does look pretty cool....

    didnt notice anything really akward about your html code.... but then no exoert

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    I have my monitor's refresh rate set at 60hz. I tried changing it up to 75hz to no avail. I was originally running at 32 bit, dumbed it down to 16 and still no speed increase. I disabled all nonessential programs like firewall and antivirus. The only non critical thing I have open is Audiogalaxy. The desktop does not access anything from the net, as shown in the HTML code. I tried a bunch of different drivers for my video card but no difference. The 28.84 Detonator drivers make my PC crash just before it boots. Had to boot into safe mode to uninstall them. Sidenote, does anyone else have to wait a VERY long time to boot into safe mode? It takes my PC upwards of 5 minutes to boot into safe mode. If anyone is interested in trying my active desktop out on their machine, just go to and download all the files there and put them all in one folder. You will have to rightclick the desktop.txt file, click save as, then rename the extension to HTML otherwise your browser will probably display the file as HTML because if you just left click it because of the <HTML> header at the top. Anyway, when you have all the files, you will need to edit a little bit of the HTML code in desktop.html because you will have to use your own picture, or if anyone wants the picture as seen on my screenshot, let me know and I'll upload it. I can resize it to fit any desktop, so be sure to tell me your desktop resolution. Anyway, find a picture you want to try with the active desktop that is the same resolution as your desktop. Call it whatever you want and put it in the folder with the other active desktop files. Now open up the desktop.html file with your HTML editor, notepad will suffice, and you'll have to change the line "<param name="image" value="spacetime.jpg">" to "<param name="image" value="">" and change the line "<applet archive="AnWater.jar" code="AnWater.class" width="1024" height="768">" to suit whatever your desktop resolution is, then when you're done editing, save the new desktop.html file and then go to control panel --> display --> desktop --> browse and select the desktop.html file. If you are unable to select HTML files, then you have active desktop disabled. See above thread on how to get around that.
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    could you post the images for us please? i saved all the files and it doesn't seem to work???