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Active Dekstop Cookies


Penguin Rancher
I have an html page embedded into my active desktop. It is setup to login to hotmail. It uses a form and javascript. Hotmail checks for a cookie located on my system. If I open this page in Internet Explorer, the page works fine, but if it is an Active Desktop element the page just displays "You must have cookies enabled to view this page." I have added passport's site to my "Always Accept" category and lowered security settings for cookies, but nothing seems to work.

To test if my page was working, I actually embedded Hotmail's page source and it does the same thing, but if I save their source locally and open with Internet Explorer, it works fine.

Any Ideas?


Bow Down to the King
Political User
well, you should make your login open IE, that would work best. You don't want the actual page to be displayed to your desktop, that wouldn't look so hot.


Penguin Rancher
Well, i have the button to open the page in a new window onClick. It loads in a blank IE window, but it still gives me the Cookies Disabled error.


Bow Down to the King
Political User
<form name="form" method="post" target="_new">
use target, much better and easier.
however, I know what you mean about the cookies. for some odd reason Microsoft is very picking about the cookies. you could try the method I wrote up, I was able to make it open the browser without a cookie error, you just have to input the password again because Microsoft sees that the login attempt is coming from an outside source, and they don't like that either.


Penguin Rancher

I am going to keep messing around and maybe do a little research. If I can bypass, manipulate, or even emulate MS's Cookie Handling, I will post a solution. Its just driving me nuts. It can't be too terribly hard to get past, I am just overlooking something.

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