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Actionscript - level0 disable


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Hey, im currently doin a web site portfolio and i have a movie that runs through and then stops and has some buttons to access different areas of the site. When a button is clicked on the base movie at level 0 a new movie swf opens like a pop up over the menu system at level 1. This all works great, but the buttons at level 0 are all still active and this carnt be for obvious reasons. Iv tried loads of stuff (basic stuff no doubt) and tried an array system which i found in a book, but coz theres loads of embedded movies i dont know how to call them through. So all i want to be able to do is have level 0 dissabled, and then re-enabled when i close the pop up window.

Any help plzzzz

Thanking you


OSNN Addict

ok, iv actually done this method now, it all works fine like this =

opens up the pop up and hides the buttons_mc which houses all 8 menu buttons at _level0 -

loadMovieNum("cgimenu.swf", 1);
this._parent._visible = false;

Then on the pop up when u click the back button to go to the menu system -

on(release) {
setProperty("_root.Innerbox.BlackBox1_mc.buttons_mc", _visible, true);

This unloads the movie at _level1 and the _level0 re-emerges = great!
Now here i need it to re-enable the menu system called "buttons_mc", but how do i call this

from another swf file that has just closed at _level1! if i could put -

setProperty("index.swf","_root.Innerbox.BlackBox1_mc.buttons_mc", _visible, true);

then that would be great, but i get an error coz thats not possible!

Any ideas this is doin my head in, oh and p.s im fairly basic at this sort of thing hehe

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