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Action Canceled


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someone used my computer and ever since i cant access webpages. no matter what address i go to it says action canceled i dont really know how it was caused to reverse it.

ive checked the internet connection(it works msn signs in n everything), reset web settings n restores advanced stuff to default and all the other usual suspects but it work work.

i asked the person who used it and they said they did look at some porn but didnt do anything out of the ordinary. so i cleared cookies n everything, restarted still didnt work.

has any1 experienced this before and know how it can be fixed?:eek:
I lost access to about 3/4 of my usual web sites once. I crashed with a voice chat and some finicky game program running.

After days of trouble shooting, help desks, etc. it turned out to be a setting in my router. There is an IP subaddress mask and it had gotten over written (how is, and will always be, a mystery).

So if using a firewall, router, etc.:
Try checking the subaddress mask on your Lan IP address it should be (That's all 1's, unfiltered, mine had been changed to some of the 1's set to 0's).

Or just hit the "reset to defaults" button on the router.

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