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Acpi - ?




I want to use my computer as a "wake up machine" :)
But nothing happens if I set in BIOS to wake up on specific time.

I took manuals of Motherboard and there write about that:

If your OS (in my case WinXP) has installed ACPI than this function will not run.

So where can I disable that? (in BIOS i have all Power managements on Disable)

In Control Panel I have under Hardware devices under Computer this ACPI thing (but cannot disable it).

Thank you in advance!


hardware monkey
the only way i know to disable acpi is in the bios... you sure those settings are disabled? maybe you can't uninstall it once it's installed... unless you reformat. dunno. }:\ ???


Prodigal Son
All of this info came from elsewhere. I have not tried either of these. From what I see, you may want to reconsider if you really want to do it.

One way is to do a reinstall XP: When you boot off of your XP cd one of the first message displayed at the bottom is hit F6 to install SCSI devices. Hit F5 instead, hit it about ten times(probably not necessary but i always hit it a lot). Wait a moment and a screen will pop up, select standard pc. Installation will go as normal. You now won't beng using ACPI.


You can also change from ACPI to Standard PC in you device manager. 1: press Windowskey + Pausebreak to enter system properties. 2: Open 'hardware' tab. 3: Click 'Device manager' 4: Click on the + symbol in front of 'computer' 5: Double-click 'Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC' 6: Open 'driver' tab 7: Select 'update driver' 8: Select 'Install from a specified location' 9: Select 'Don't search, I will choose the driver to install' 10: Select 'Standard PC' (maybe you need to de-select the 'Show compatible hardware' box) 11: Click next and follow instructions. After reboot, WinXP will re-detect all devices and re-map all IRQ's. But be aware ... you can not 'roll-back' this driver to ACPI. After you've installed the standerd PC driver you machine also won't shut-down automatically anymore when you quit Windows. You will need to power off manually when it says 'It's now safe to turn of your computer'.


hmmmm I will try this ideas.

can anyone tell me what exactly means ACPI for the computer?
why is ACPI needed?


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