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I have been reading about people having problems with XP not shutting down.

I see references made to having ACPI enabled in the motherboard BIOS.

Well I am currently running ME (planning on upgrading to XP Pro, hopefully soon if it works out as I hope).

I have ACPI disabled in my motherboard BIOS. My computer shuts downs fine now as it is.

Am I going to be having these kind of problems if I leave the BIOS ACPI disabled when installing XP Pro?
mike i believe (most) of the problems with a constant reboot have been with roxio 5.0x. once you install the patch it is all good.
I sure hope I don't. When I see this kind of stuff referring to ACPI, I start thinking about it. I never really wanted ACPI as it was a resource I just didn't want or need. I don't use screensavers, hibernation, standby, suspend, any of that stuff. Seems they created more problems than they were worth.

It seems XP uses/relies on it much more than 98/ME ever did.

Just what is the difference between APM and ACPI anyway?

Hey PC Tek. SUP! I see I'm not the only one checking info on New Years Eve.
hehehe no kidding! I hate new years eve! ummmm well everyday for that matter. LOL

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