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Acer Monitor Appears "Grainy"

Hey guys, i had this monitor for about..2 months now (Acer X223Wbd) and starting yesterday it appears the image overall, either in the desktop, movies, games, there appears to be like a grainy look to it. the best way i can describe it would like i don't know what the style is called, but like when you use a million little dots to make an image..yea..its kinda like that. then if i look up close, it kinda looks like those dots are like...little hexagons. anyone think they know whats going on, or is my best bet to contact acer?
checked the connections and theyre good...how would i check the temp? nvidia used to let you check but they switched it to a paid feature correct?


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When was the last time you cleaned the box out? I do mine about once a week whether it needs it or not. It might be the monitor. A way to tell if it is the monitor is to get another one and hook it up. If you get the same results it is the card. If not then take the monitor back and get a samsung.
Yep, clean out that computer case frequently! Especially if it's a custom built tower with all kinds of extras. Hub's is always overheating and causing problems with the graphics card. We ended up leaving one side of the case off just to allow for extra air flow. Of course this means we have to clean more often, but at least we can use the computer. haha

Get some of that air in a can and blow the case out while holding the vacuum hose over it to catch all the dust that will be flying around. Ya certainly don't want it settling back in. :)

Did you try another monitor? If you don't have one, haul your screen to a friend's house or the office and hook it up to another computer to see. No use going out and buying a new one till you know if it really needs replaced.

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Are you using any kind of extension cord (VGA/DVI)? If you use a cheapo one that's not shielded it can cause unwanted picture quality issues.

If you are just using the cable it came with is it running near any power cables? It may be picking up interference.

If not I would definitely contact Acer.

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