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Acer Aspire 5103 Shared Video Memory Problems

HI, have just got a new acer aspire 5103wlmi with 2g of memory and a ati x1300 with 128mb of memory.It says it can be upgraded to 896mb of system memory.Theres no setting in the bios for display driver/shared memory.Can you please help me.I havent changed anything on the laptop at all.Its all as it came.Vista obviously.Thanks all:cry:
Looked on the acer website.....and theres nothing.


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i don't think it will really help your games much.. the shared memory on the system is slower than the memory built into video cards. The shared memory will, obviously, also reduce the amount of memory available to the system.. while you do have 2GB of RAM, I consider that a minimum to run Vista with any kind of decency.

If you do ever figure it out, I would say if you still want to do this, to not push it more than 256 (and maybe 512 at the most)

edit: have you checked to see how much system memory is already being shared? In vista, if you right-click on the desktop and go to "personalize", select the "display settings" option and click on the "advanced settings" button it should tell you how much Graphics memory you have, how much is dedicated video and how much is shared system. (see screen shot - note the total video memory and the dedicated vs shared totals)
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I agree with Fitz, using 896mb in a shared graphics system will do little for performance. Dont take it any higher than 256mb, but as far as I have been aware, there is a BIOS option for this. Might want to take another look?

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