Accessibility Options are completely inaccessible

in the control panel I can't get into Accessibility Options I've got an error but I managed to solve a part of it however the first option where it's about adjusting the text is inaccessible do you know why? besides this the narrator doesnt work!

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Try using add/remove window components to get it right. I would first remove then install the Accessibility Options. It could have possibly been caused by some registry cleaner.
it's not in add remove options HD.

can someone run Accessibility Options and then tell me the name of the file that is responsible for running it? you can know it if you bring up the task manager just tell me the name of the processor, I'll get it from the cd.


The accessibility options control panel applet is access.cpl.
The accessibiliy options wizzard is accwiz.exe. This is one of the hidden programs in add/remove Windows components. You can make it visible by removing the word hide in sysoc.inf.